Musical Journey: Solo Level 1A - Caydence Music Books
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Musical Journey: Solo Level 1A


This collection consists of folk tunes, original and pedagogical pieces that we encourage to teach by rote, by ear, with the score or the combination of aforementioned. As it is not necessary to assign the student every piece in successive order, it’s still advisable not to skip too many of the pieces consecutively, as they are purposely selected to make the learning process systematic and holistic.

It is suggested to have the students learn solo pieces, etudes and duet alongside.

1. “March”
2. “Cuckoo and Echo”
3. “March on the Black Keys”
4. “Crying Kitty”
5. “Autumn Song”
6. “Two Little Goats”
7. “March of the Dwarves”
8. “The Crane”
9. “Bear's Birthday Party”
10. “Dialogue”
11. “Good Wishes”
12. “Polly”
13. “Little Hunter”
14. “Wisła River”
15. “Horses”
16. “Strolling”
17. “Trumpeter and the Echo”
18. “Jamaica”
19. “An Old Dance”
20. “Jewish Melody”
21. “Jumping”
22. “Skating”
23. “Russian Folk Dance”
24. “At Night”
25. “The Theme from the Surprise Symphony”
26. “Morning”
27. “Little Goat”
28. “Sorrow”
29. “Sparrows”
30. “A Song”
31. “Мerry Fiddler”
32. “In the Dark Forest”
33. “A Dance”
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