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Tales of a Musical Journey: Book 1


Tales of a Musical Journey For Young Pianists, Their Teachers And Parents - Volume 1 by Irina Gorin.

Written in a form of a chapter book, “Tales of a Musical Journey” uses fairy tale setting and characters to introduce and expand musical concepts. Books 1 and 2 cover the span of the first year of study and will sufficiently prepare the students for the classical repertoire.

The primary focus of the first book is to learn the necessary technical skills through freedom and flexibility of all upper body parts; shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. Devoted exclusively to non-legato playing, the first book teaches the correct touch and tone production starting playing with finger #3. Once the basic skills are acquired, new aspects of piano playing are added. The rhythm is introduced and developed through clapping, marching, counting out loud and playing with accompaniment. Once an understanding of rhythmic pulse is grasped, the student will learn the time values of the notes.

Tales of a Musical Journey Book 2

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1. “Saint Saëns The Carnival of the Animals - L'Éléphant (The Elephant)”
2. “Saint-Saëns The Carnival of the Animals - II. Hens and Roosters”
3. “Saint-Saëns The Carnival of the Animals - The Aquarium”
4. “Saint-Saëns The Carnival of the Animals~Tortues (Tortoises)”
5. “Burgmuller Angels’ Voices (Weeping Willow Tree)”
6. “Old McDonald”
7. “Hot Cross buns”
8. “Grieg - Butterfly”
9. “Note C”
10. “Note D”
11. “Note E”
12. “Note F”
13. “Note G”
14. “Note A”
15. “Note B”
16. “Scale-Waltz”
17. “Prokofiev March”
18. “Butterfly”
19. “Grasshopper”
20. “Choo-Choo Train”
21. “Good Night”
22. “Popcorn”
23. “Girls and Boys”
24. “Middle C Song”
25. “The Song of King C’s Army”
26. “Animal Sounds”
27. “Feeling Blue”
28. “Go to Bed, Tom”
29. “Тhe Smile”
30. “Rain, Rain”
31. “Musical Neighbors”
32. “Game of Catch”
33. “The Race”
34. “Hide and Seek”
35. “Singing Eagle”
36. “An Apple”
37. “The Jesters”
38. “Ant and Eagle”
39. “Bell Horses”
40. “Ice Cream”
41. “Tea Party”
42. “Beautiful Day”
43. “Billy the Goat”
44. “Тhe Bunny”
45. “The River”
46. “Clarice Cow”
47. “The Birch Tree”
48. “Freddy the Frog”
49. “Hen and Rooster”
50. “In the Garden”
51. “Raspberries”
52. “Тhe Giraffe”
53. “Twinkle Twinkle”
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